Our Story

In the digital age, through just one click, we are connected to everyone and the access to opportunities is greater than ever before.

ODOS, an acronym for One Degree of Separation, is a platform that aims to use the power of technology to provide global opportunities for Caribbean creatives.

There have been more than 100 feature films produced throughout the Caribbean in the last decade, along with thousands of music videos, a plethora of shorts, documentaries, television series, reality shows, commercials, and animation pieces, dating back to the turn of the century. The artistic and creative talent pool is growing exponentially larger and the personnel behind the scenes, (along with the technological resources), are available in multiple Caribbean countries. The creation of IP is at an all-time high, with dozens of production outfits in each territory doing their own thing and achieving relative success. Yet, as a whole, we still remain… INVISIBLE.

In 2021, a group of filmmakers coalesced to reveal to the globe what they already knew: incredible artistic feats being performed in the world of cinema by people of Caribbean descent. Invitations were extended to island filmmakers and creatives worldwide to join this movement. Within hours, more than​1000 requests to be a part of this community were received.. Our people are tired of being big fish in a small pond. It’s time to take the next leap.

Two WhatsApp groups were subsequently established, connecting over 200 creatives, in film and music, and representing over 22 countries across the globe.

Participants in these groups are exposed to virtual workshops aimed at enhancing their knowledge of their respective industries and connecting them with industry professionals who have been keen to lead these workshops. Among the workshops was an eight-week series in scriptwriting and production.

To further our advocacy, ODOS hosts an annual networking mixer called The Island Lime in Los Angeles with New York and London soon to be added to the roster. The next official mixer will be held in LA on May 20, 2022.

The key objective is to build a creative online platform via a website and an app capable of bringing Caribbean people together across the globe, providing them with an outlet where decision-makers can discover talent, explore valuable IP, and invest in their product. Additionally, we seek to create more educational and networking avenues for members by connecting them with the movers and shakers and the very gatekeepers who can help them succeed and transform the knowledge learnt from workshops into power.

The Future


The creation of a boutique talent agency consisting of powerful movers and shakers who can bring the best of emerging and established Caribbean talent under one label, while performing functions such as developing, educating, and training creatives.

Production House

Making our own movies in our backyard with creatives tied to the Caribbean.


Partnering with a distributor to get our films in the hands of consumers worldwide.