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Cezanne has worked with a few independent film makers and snags roles that seemingly intertwine with her organic intuitive nature. She grew up in the revolutionary Leonard family of the Black Power movement of 1970, her grandfather a leader of the movement, her mother a teen activist of 1970 who later became a veteran media broadcaster/news anchor. Cezanne possesses a raw, honest essence and effortlessness that flows through her work. She is an actor/artist dedicated to raising the profile on diversity, representation and inclusivity. She is inspired to showcase the authenticity of her twin island’s Caribbean roots with its rich multi racial & cultural heritage. “I’m an island woman, storytelling is a vital part of who I am. We are constantly bombarded with this idea that our accents are too difficult to understand or the market won’t receive us, it’s time to change that narrative, global audiences are poised now more than ever, to receive us.”

Cezanne’s latest work was with L.A. based Director Damian Marcano’s production company MOVA in 2017, to shoot the indie Pilot ‘The Fire Queen’ a gritty 80’s period piece about an island love affair with a twist of supernatural. Cezanne delivered in this role as the aged, hard ass beauty coach Miss Freddie.

Cezanne worked again with Marcano on his 2nd debut film Chee$e, shot in 2018. Chee$e explores uneasy Caribbean life, evoked with sympathy and desperation. Chee$e made its International debut in March 2022 at the South X South West Film Festival (SXSW ’22) and picked up the Adam Yauch Hörnblowér Special Jury Award. The Film has garnered critically acclaimed reviews from The Hollywood Reporter, LA Times, Indie Wire, SXSW and The New Yorker- who hailed the film as a model of what independent filmmaking should be. She is currently working on an indie project dystopian horror, set to shoot in L.A. in April 2024.