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Samantha Maria Mungal

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A former 11 year Corporate/Finance Professional who left the O&G industry in January 2022 to follow her heart and art. Now a Certified Chi Massage Therapist, Actress and Spoken Word Rapper (SWapper- Perform like a Spoken Word poet but writes like a Rapper and performed with a beat). The aim is living an intentional life of purpose; serving, promoting and inspiring holistic spirituality and developing oneness with God and Self. She used art as therapy and believes it is the future revenue generator along with the combination in entertainment, culture, tourism and sports.

A strong advocate for mental health and guiding others to defeat battles of suicide, anxiety and depression, trauma, abuse and relationships.

The founder of Zenergeist a comprehensive holistic art and event management system and War for Art T&T, a community of minority representing the majority of budding artists who make a difference with content to inspire others by “pursuit of passion for purpose”.

Co-producer of first local T&T Bollywood style movie “Louti” released in movie theatres 8 November 2023.