The Cephas Family

Actors & Actresses

The Cephas Family is a multi-talented international American family filled with love and laughter.

Their name Cephas means rock! McColm Sr, Teneisha, McColm Jr, McTy and McShaka have lent their God given talents to companies such as Disney, Google, Marvel, McDonalds, Nestle, Universal, Blue Shield California, New York Life, Walmart and more. Mr. and Mrs. Cephas are building a legacy of excellence and wealth while managing playtime, soccer games and dance recitals.

McColm Cephas Sr. is a retired professional soccer player who was born and raised in West Africa, Liberia. Mr. Cephas is the rock of his family and takes pride in being a phenomenal husband and dad. He enjoys building businesses for The Cephas Company and looks forward to photo shoots with his family on and off the red carpet.

Teneisha Cephas is the matriarch of her family and hails from the beautiful twin island of Trinidad and Tobago. Mrs. Cephas is a multi- hyphenate with her most prestigious title being a wife and mother. Teneisha was a Border Tribe Woman in Marvel’s billion-dollar box office hit Black Panther. Mrs. Cephas produced and starred in a short film called Grey. She is passionate about raising respectful, entrepreneurial, and successful kids.

McColm Cephas Jr. is a young talented actor and soccer player. McColm loves being a big brother to his siblings. He plays Young Will Sharp in Michael’s Bay feature film Ambulance which is currently in theaters. McColm will next be seen on Disney Plus film Rise as Young Giannis aka “The Greek Freak”. He also plays Young Franklin on FX most watched tv series Snowfall. McColm enjoys hanging with his family and making them laugh.

McTy Cephas is the baby girl of the family. McTy is a talented dancer and actress. She is a student at Debbie Allen Dance Academy and loves dancing African, Tap, Hip-Hop and Modern. McTy can be seen in Beyonce Black Is King on Disney Plus as well as the music video Mood 4 Ever. McTy has personality galore and loves being a big sister to her baby brother.

McShaka Cephas is the latest addition to the family. McShaka is a fun loving joyful baby whose smile lights up the room. McShaka can be seen on Google Pixel 6 Welcome to the World and For All You Are commercial. His New York Life commercial is currently airing nationwide. McShaka is an intelligent baby who keeps up with his older siblings.