Vasha Narace Van Heertum

Producer / Director / Editor

Vasha Narace Van Heertum is an award winning filmmaker and true lover of the filmmaking process.

She has been in LA for over a decade and has done it all – from background acting on iconic shows like Greys Anatomy to PA on commercials for Target and Walmart to producing, writing and directing short films and music videos. She had the privilege of producing music videos for the esteemed Travis Payne, Michael Jackson’s creative director and choreographer and working with Natalie Hill, a fellow Trinidadian and producer whose work includes million dollar commercials and art films.

During the pandemic Vasha became a mother and switched from working in production to post production as an Assistant Editor. Recently she joined the Editor’s Guild and started working on her first union show allowing her the ability to work from home, care for her family and pursue writing.